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March 18th

New parts in stock :

P,N Head studs

Rear Axle U bolts £32 setof 4

Body Mounting brackets £29 each c/w u bolt

Rear Trunnion covers £15 ea

Brake Drum screws including M type once again £10 set of 8

Rocker Cam followers £34 ea

P water Manifolds £145

Exhaust hanger brackets £16.95


J head studs £52 set

Luggage Racks £185

Rear Wingstay IronsJ,P £65 set

Trunion Bushes in phosphor bronze £42 axle set

Front Axle Bolts £3.50 ea J,P,F,L

Racing Rad Caps Quick Release J4,K3,Q £195

P Door locks £125 set , Striker plates £75 set

Hardened washers for Head Nuts £0.66p each J,P,L,N,K

Andre Hartford Special tapered castle nuts £2.75

Special King pin Cotter to limit travel lock to lock PA,PB,L,N,K £8.50ea

Rudge Whitworth Knock offs £65 each, plain MG £29.50


Large new batch of Rolled Edge Andre Hartford Shock absorbers. All models .

Half shaft seals in Nylatron all MMM  £24 pr

Stainless Steel Exhaust system J type and P type £225

TA Valve Spring sets (8 triples ) £78 set

J windscreen B Nut and Serrated Washer £42 pr

Petrol Reserve Taps J,F,L,N, P,,TA, all machined with modern O ring technology £150 each

P type Propshafts 6 bolt £225

Type 160 mirrors complete with badge £110 each, Arms £42

Group Lubrication oilers £10.50 each (single), £11/50 (double)

Crankshaft Skew Gears PA,PB £158

P/L,K,N Oil Filters still only £22 each

King Pin and Bush sets all models start from £105 set

J type top Hoses £14.50

Spark Plug holders , 4 cylinder £36, 6 cylinder £42

Check Strap rubbers J,P  12.50

Vertical Drive couplings £28

Front and Rear Trunnion Rubbers £15 each

J Type Exhaust Manifold.

More J type products !. These excellent Cast iron manifolds are resin impregnated and retail at £295



Clutch Centre Plates J,M

We have just completed a batch of these splined clutch centre plates for both J and M types.

They are available at £105 each


Wingstay Rubbers £6.75 each J,P,F,L,N



Lucas type 160 mirrors (all MMM  and T type)

From a new source come these superb windscreen mounted mirrors and arms.

Unlike others advertised elsewhere these include the Lucas King of the Road badge and engraving.  They are fantastic value too with the mirrors at £115

and the arms at £42 . Please specify drivers or passenger side when ordering


Original Pattern Sidescreen Sockets (all MMM except M) 

Now on our 3rd batch this product is expertly and exclusively made for us and we sell these at £11.50 each

Made from solid brass with a superb chrome finish they have the correct thread, taper and offset

and also incorporate the original patent numbers stamped in. Definitely a product for the real MG connoisseur !



Solid Copper Gaskets for all MMM models!!

We have just finished producing ANOTHER large batch of solid copper gaskets this year,

all MMM models in stock at the best prices on the market

These are exclusive to Sports and Vintage, and are manufactured using the latest CAD technology incorporating Water jet cuts for improved accuracy.

We also automatically charge £10 for double annealing the gasket although a customer can opt out of this if they wish. All gaskets wil need annealing before they are fitted.

Part No 2490 M,D, C (AA HEAD), OHC Morris Minor £55

Part No 2696 F Type £75

Part No 2697 L/K Types £75

Part No 2698 L/K (dry decking) £75

Part No 2418 J  £55

Part No 2419 PA £58

Part No 2706 PB £66

Part No 2420 N £75

Petrol Reserve Taps

Incorporating O ring technology (no corks), these are made to original pattern from hot brass stampings,

they are exclusive to Sports and Vintage and cannot be bought anywhere else.

J,F2,L (Tank Mounted) Part no 1288   £150

PA,PB,NA,NB Dash mounted Part No 1485   £150

TA,TBDash Mounted Part no 1245 £150


Replacement Oil Filter J4, P,L,N,K *

Since we launched this product around 5 years ago, it has become the biggest selling and most popular product in the MMM scene

This part is a straight replacement for the original Tecalemit felt filter,it just pops straight into the Filter body,

and there is no need for any additional platform adaptor,other than the original base (part no 1941 if required).

With it filtering down to 8 microns, it has twice the filtration propertiesof the Fram Mercedes type

and other like for like filters(15-20 microns),and is accepted as the best product of its type on the market

It comes with a top and bottom rubber washer for ease of fitment

Part No 2699 £22


Radiator Badges all MMM (also spare wheel badge J2,F2,L2, and front apron badgeP,L,N,K)

We have seen original badges on pre war cars of both light and darker brown on cream, we decided to produce a large batch of 100 of each type!

So now we can offer both colours at the market leading value price of £28 each

The picture really doesn`t do these badges justice, the glass enamel is the best we have ever seen !

So please specify light or dark brown on cream badge when ordering.Please note for the bossed spare wheel badge for the P type we only have the lighter colour in stock at present.

Mixture /Slow Running Brackets

From a new manufacturing source come these excellent brackets available in 3 separate types.

They come complete with engraved brass discs, with correct lettering for each model,

and rubber grommets are included..

Part No 1848 J/L Types £36 

Part No 1849  F Type £36

Part No  2716 D Type £36


         2716 D Type                                  1848 J,L Type                          1849 F Type




Andre Hartford Type 506S in Aluminium.

Having been commissioned by a customer to make some of these lightweight Aluminium competition shocks,

we have produced a small batch of the type 506S as can be fitted to J, F, and PA models .

All brand new components complete with correct Silentbloc bushes

Part no 2738 £150 each


Heldite Jointing compound

We have just taken delivery of another large consignment (60)of this quality product.

Generally regarded as the best sealant of its type and supplied to 3 of the biggest MMM engine builders in the country

this product comes in a tin with brush applictor and at £12.50 for 250ml is fantastic value!


High Tensile Deep Head Nuts

This is another tip top part, these 3/8" BSF engine head nuts are made from T grade steel. and are deeper than the standard full nut

As fitted to all MMM engines (except m,d,f), they are a must have for that top end rebuild

Priced at £1.25 each


Clutch Felt washer Set M,D,J

Ok, this isn`t the most exciting product we have ever launched but these are still an essential part in that clutch rebuild

Each pack contains 6 felt and 6 copper washers. Priced at £3.95 a set

Alloy Taper wedges N,K.

As well as the taper wedges we supply for the smaller front axle on the M,P,L types , we also supply these wider wedges

for the N and K models. Part no 2646 £23.50 a pair


Rear Hub Lockwashers All MMM

One of our best selling items, these are laser cut and zinc plated  a bargain at £3 each

Part no 1072



Oil Pump Gears ...All Models All types now in stock

This is a part where the quality speaks for itself, these are produced for Sports and Vintage

by one of the country`s leading gear manufacturers, who also produced our exclusive range of Close Ratio Gears

which have proven so successful.

We have 5 different sets available for sale to cover the complete range of MMM cars.

Part no 1698  M,D,J,F in stock £78 SET

Part No 1699 PA/PB £78

Part No 1857 N,Q,R (also P), gear depth 0.875" £95

Part No 1858  K,L in stock  £98

We also carry in stock the springs,plungers,gaskets,unions etc for the oil pump.



 Sump Drain Plug for PA,PB,L,K,N..

Made from Brass.  (Quality Hot Brass Stamping -not cast) as original. Part No 2390 £7.50




Exhaust Manifold Nuts to suit J,F,P,L,N,K

A small but significant part for your MMM engine are these authentic brass manifold nuts.

Machined from solid brass, they are priced at   £3.25each.. Part No 1543



MG Door Motif Rubber All MMM

In stock are the rubbers for the inside of the door pocket, that press though to leave the MG indentation.

Part No 1591 £11.95 per pair


M Type Wheel Nuts

We have finished another batch of these top quality original style domed brass nuts for the M Type

which have been beautifully polished and plated..Part 1002 £8 each,.

Another batch of our exclusive and excellent Q type blower manifolds , Part no 2040 £395 each


Headlamp Rim Retaining Screws.

As fitted to most models, are these very authentic plated  Retaining Screws

Part No 1907 £7.95each



Track Rod End set and Drag Link sets as fitted to all MMM cars. These are produced in house to a

very high specification, as befits a safety critical part. Sold in pairs RH and LH,  with cups,

springs,washers,greasers and parallel ball pins all fitted.

  Part no 1050/1N (Track rod end) 132 pr

  Part no 1050 1DL (Drag Link) £132 pr

The Ball Pins (parallel) are also sold as a separate part, priced at £18. These are heat treated,

stress relieved and 100% crack detected!

We also supply the lock nuts LH and RH thread.Part no 2181/2182


Alloy Bulkhead Wiring Cover PA/PB/NA

We have just completed a new batch of these superb wiring covers, polished to a mirror finish.

Part No 2034, priced at £28each they are fantastic value for money


Rocker Shaft Spacer sets . All models now in stock

Part No1107 M,D £15

Part No 1180 F £25

Part No 1345 J £27

Part No 1417 PA/B £27

Part No 1538 L.K,N £39

Bi-furcated Rivets

We are selling these every day, used on fume seals and check straps, they are useful and authentic!

Part no 2288 £6 per pack of 18


Steering Column felt bushes

Both Marles Weller and Bishop Cam felt bushes once again available £4.25 each

Phosphor Bronze Trunnion Bearings All MMM

Once again we are fully stocked up with the complete range of these top quality

phoshphor bronze trunnion bearings, which are machined , drilled and ready to fit.

Part No 1315    Front D,J,F,L,PA-B 7/32" slot £42set

Part No 1333/4 Rear  D,J,F,L,PA-B. 1/4"  slot £42set   

Part No 1523    Front  NA-B,K  7/32"  slot  £44 set

Part No 1534    Rear  NA-B,K  1/4" slot   £44set

* Please note that many new front springs have had a 1/4" main leaf fitted,

so please check before ordering


Rear Hub Oil Seal PA/PB,NA/NB

Part No 1411  £8.28 each

Special Brass Union for fitting Water/Oil Temp Gauges All MMM

Part No 2136 £4.50 each

Wingstay Bracket Rubber Mouldings M,D,J,F,P,K

Part No 1336 £6.75 each


Rear Spring Front Hanger Pins made from alloy steel, hardened of course. Fitted to D,J,F,P,L.

These are always a stock item, and are of the highest quality possible

  Part  no. 1327  £29.50. MMM

  Part no   1108  (K Type £32.50)


Front Hub Outer Washer (all MMM Models).

These dished washers have been produced, with locating tag, for the Front Hub on all MMM models.

Part No 2456-£7.50 each. 

Brake Pedal Adjusting Rod

The footbrake adjusting rod on MMM cars can often become bent in use from over adjusment.

These spherical ended rods are made from High Tensile steel, and are priced at £16

Part No 1919. 



King Pin And Bush Sets  All MMM models

Always available are these top quality King Pin And Bush sets. Included in the sets are the

high grade alloy steel King Pins (EN36), Phosphor Bronze Bushes, Hardened Steel Thrust Washers,

Cotter Pins and Dust Caps, as well as a detailed fitting sheet..

Part No 1025 M,D,J,F,L,P  £95

Part No 1515 NA,NB        £115

Part No 1364 K Type (no dust caps fitted) £120



Fulcrum Bolt for Handbrake Cross Shaft..All MMM models

We have finished a new run of these special bolts for the handbrake mechanism. Made from EN24

to T condition, they are produced to the strongest standard for the purpose,

far stronger than they ever were originally..These fit all MMM models..

Part no 2407, £12.95 each


Trunnion Box Cover Plate Special Bolts D,J,F,P,L

We have just finished another batch of 200 of these special bolts in stainless steel for the Trunnion Box cover plate

Part No 2271 £12.50 per 5.


Rear Bonnet /Bulkhead Angle Bracket D,J,F,PA,NA,L,K

Part No 2284 £10.95


12v Pork Pie Lights ST38,

Both black and chrome body now in stock £55 each


Supercharger Spacing plates C,J4, £78

Rocker Cover Knobs M,D,J,F,C,£10.50 (also supercharger cowl knobs C,J,K)

Clutch Pedal Stop PA,PB,L,N

Part No 2262 £15.30


Differential Locking Washer All MMM models (except K)

These Lock Washers are an important part of that Diff repair and rebuild.

We produce them laser cut for improved accuracy,

and zinc plated. Part no 2383 £3.25 each


Radiator Ferrule Rubber P,L,N,K,TA

Part No 1586 £2.95 each


Accelerator Cross Shaft Return Spring J,F,L,P,N,K

This is the mixture control return spring for the accelerator cross shaft,

as fitted to most MMM models. Part no 1996 £2.95 each


Front Bonnet Hinge Fixing Lug All MMM

Chrome Plated Brass*(this also acts as the fixing lug at the scuttle end on PB and NB models)

Part No 1762 £8.95


Starter Motor Brushes All MMM  

Part No 1194 £15.95a set of 2

Bonnet Corner Rubbers All MMM

Part No 1498 £8.50 (set of 4)





Threaded Lugs Tie Rods for Firewall  J,F,L,P,N,K

Part No 2147 £8.75each


Rear Axle Check Strap c/w Rubber Buffer..

A popular Item are these Rebound Hoops as fitted to P,J,F,D, and L Types

Part No 2319 Complete strap £48 pair (with rubbers fitted)

Part No 2608 Rubbers separate.. £12.95 each..



Exhaust Rear Hanger Bracket, J,P,L,

In addition to the full range of exhaust systems we carry for the MMM car is this original style clamp,

for the rear of the chassis. It comes in a matt black powder finish.

Part No 1679 £16.95



All prices subject to VAT where applicable

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