Hardened washers for Head Nuts J,P,K,L,N


Part No 2728


Handbrake Adjusting Rod all MMM (except M) Our second batch of 50 in stock , now with improved rolled threads

Part No 2719 £49

Since the original production of our footbrake adjusting rod ( pno1919), we have been asked

many times to produce the handbrake equivalent.  A safety critical part which we have produced from a high tensile drop forging (EN19T)

giving superior strength. Forged brass wing nuts are available for both rods (pno 2140)


Gear Levers J,L and P,N types 

Brand new production of top quality gear levers . Made from EN57 Stainless steel , in 2 lengths

Priced at £85 each

Part No 2735 J,L

Part No 2736 P,N


Assorted BSP Fibre Washer sets

These boxed sets are a must for any  MG owners Garage

Part No 1843 £10.95 per set. A very popular item in recent months




Andre Hartford Type 506S in Aluminium.

Having been commissioned by a customer to make some of these lightweight Aluminium competition shocks, we have produced a small batch of the type 506S as can be fitted to J, F, and PA models .

All brand new components complete with correct Silentbloc bushes

Part no 2738 £150 each.

Clutch Felt washer Set M,D,J

Ok, this isn`t the most exciting product we have ever launched but these are still an essential part in that clutch rebuild

Each pack contains 6 felt and 6 copper washers. Part No 2734 Priced at £3.95 a set


M Type Fabric Propshaft Coupling

Back in stock another batch of 30 now available Part No 1060 £58 each

M type Brake Cross shaft assembly

A brand new production of these difficult to manufacture M type Brake Cross shafts,

expertly made exclusively for Sports and Vintage

Part no 2724 £350


Steering Arms 

We are proud to announce the completion of one of the most important safety critical items

fitted to our cars. Many existing arms when tested are found to be cracked after almost 80 years

of use. Manufactured in EN19 alloy steel to V condition (65-75 tons/ sq inch), these quality drop forgings

will assure peace of mind for the MMM owner.

Part No: 2718 A to suit 8" brake models(M,D,J,F1)

Part No: 2718 B to suit12" brake models (P,L,N,F2/3)

Part No: 2718 C to suit TA,TB,TC models.

£195 + vat per pair.


Petrol Reserve Tap PA,PB,NA,NB, and control rod/knob assembly

Produced from Hot Brass stamping, incorporating `O` ring technology, these are exclusive to S & V

The taps are priced at £150 each while the knob and rod assembly including dashboard bezel is £85.

Please specify if you are ordering for N type as the rod is longer on this model



Lucas type 160 mirrors (all MMM  and T type)

From a new source come these superb windscreen mounted mirrors and arms. Unlike others advertised elsewhere these include the Lucas King of the Road badge and engraving.  They are keenly priced at £115 each

and the arms at £42 . Please specify drivers or passenger side when ordering


Steering Column Clamp  Adamant box  M,D,F

This brand new production is exclusive to S&V, utilising new tooling and in a lovely zinc plated finish

Part no 2727 £18.50


Steering Column bracket (adamant) M,D,F

As always we cater for all models not just the easy ones!

In a nice powder coat gloss finish

Part no 2671 £29.50


Replacement Oil Filter J4, P,L,N,K Nearly 500 units sold since launch!

This exciting part is a straight replacement for the original Tecalemit felt filter,

it just pops straight into the Filter body, and there is no need for any additional platform adaptor,

other than the original base (part no 1941 if required). With it filtering down to 8 microns, it has twice the filtration properties

of the Fram Mercedes type and other like for like filters(15-20 microns), and has been incredibly popular

with enthusiasts since we started selling it.

Part No 2699 £22

The Market Leading Product in the MMM trade!!

M Type Dashboard mounted Starter Switch

An exciting new part for the often under appreciated M type MG, is this new `never before` production of

the dashboard mounted starter switch, complete with ebony knob and polished brass securing screw.

These have been produced following our recent launch of the foot operated switch for all other MMM models (see below)

Part No 2723 £115

TA Gear Knob

Here is something for the TA owner, its a lovely new gear knob as original,

Complete with threaded brass insert, part no 2679, it sells at £38




All prices subject to VAT where applicable to customers

Foot Operated Starter Switches.. All MMM except M

Using our own brand newly commissioned tooling come these exclusive

Original Pattern Foot Operated Starter Switches. All fully tested they are proving to be a fast selling item.

Part no 2435  £115 each


Track Rod  & Drag Link Rod for models M,D,J,F,L,P and QA!!

Part No 2693 £62 pr

Part No 2694 QA Model Split Track £78 set of 3

Mixture /Slow Running Brackets

From a new manufacturing source come these excellent brackets available in 3 separate types.

They come complete with engraved brass discs, with correct lettering for each model,

and rubber grommets are included..

Part No 1848 J/L Types £3

Part No 1849  F Type £36

Part No  2716 D Type £36


         2716 D Type                                  1848 J,L Type                          1849 F Type




Solid Copper Gaskets for all MMM models!!

We have added to our range of solid copper gaskets by producing gaskets for ALL MMM models at extremely good prices.

These are exclusive to Sports and Vintage, and are manufactured using the latest CAD technology

incorporating Water jet cuts for improved accuracy.

As an extra service for our customers we supply any solid copper gasket "double annealed" for a charge of £10.

Part No 2490 M,D, C (AA HEAD), OHC Morris Minor £55

Part No 2696 F Type £75

Part No 2697 L/K Types £75

Part No 2698 L/K (dry decking) £75

Part No 2418 J  £55

Part No 2419 PA £62

Part No 2706 PB £66

Part No 2420 N £75


Clutch Pedal Return Spring and Handbrake X-Shaft Return Spring

A recently introduced line are these important springs in stainless steel. To suit all MMM models (except M)

Part No 2642 Clutch Spring £3.95

Part No 2643 Handbrake Spring £2.50




Footbrake Rod Return Spring  All MMM except M

A new line is this quality return spring in Stainless Steel, for the footbrake rod

Part No 2691 £4.25


Differential Banjo Support Ring  J,L,F,P

This new part will add strength to the back axle as well as helping to minimise oil leaks

Part No 2692 £16.50


Replacement Mirror Glass for Side Mounted Mirror (Type 160)

Also now in stock is the convex glass for the windscreen mounted  side mirrors,

so you can replace your worn lens without the expense of a complete new mirror

Part No 2689 £16.50 each





Rear Axle Check straps N, axle 

This is another exclusive product that we have produced, these excellant check straps,

complete with rivetted rubber buffers for the larger axle N type

Part No 2683 Check Straps c/w Rubbers £49.50 pr

Part No 2684 Rubbers £15.30 each




K Type Front Hub Bearing spacer, and Front Hub Oil Seal Spacer.


Part No 2672 is the oil seal spacer £6.75, while the Bearing spacer is part no 2673 £12.75