Our affiliated company Andre Hartford Ltd manufactures and supplies the full range of units and spares to all the Pre War models that fitted Andre Hartford Friction Dampers.  Such classic cars as Bentleys, Lagondas, MGs, Jaguars, Rileys and Alvis have benefitted from the bespoke range we offer either direct through us or our designated agents Vintage Supplies Ltd (Paul Beck), and Holdens Vintage and Classic Ltd.

Below are details of the full range we offer including prices and dimensions


Standard Units.

The 502 range in arm lengths from 4" to 9", while the 506 range is from 4.5" to 10"


   506M Early style rolled edge £195      506S Early style Rolled edge £155

                                              (only available in 6" arm lengths)


  Rear Duplex £415set c/w links                    506S Rear Set c/w links  £375


      502S                                                               506S   

    502M                                                              506M 


Standard Unit Prices

502S 3.1/4 Diameter   £130 ea

506S  4.1/2 Diameter  £145ea

502M 3.1/4 Diameter  £165ea

506M 4.1/2 Diameter  £185 ea

All prices exclude VAT at 20% where applicable

(unequal arm lengths and fractional arms are subject to a small surcharge)


Additional  MG Units


  506M Aluminium Racing Shocks  £195 each made to order




Range of Parts for all AH Friction Dampers

  AH 12603  Type 502    £8.95                        AH12604   Type 506 £8.95


   AH12701   Telecontrol Bag £55       AH12700   Telecontrol Bag    £55                                     


                AH12654  Locating washer £2.45



 AH12614  506 Spider Spring £12.95  AH12615 502 Spider Spring £12.95


AH12658  502 Star Spring  £10.50             AH12673 506 Star Spring £11.95

  AH12659    Locking Tag £3.25         AH12657  Spring Indicator   £3.25


  AH12589  506 Brass Cup £6.95           AH12588A/B 2.5mm/4mm £5.25


  AH12662   502 Brass Cup £6.50   AH12652 A/B  2.5mm/4mm £4.95


  AH12602   Rivetted type £7.95              AH12601  £5.95 each

     AH12669  £7.50 (inc nut)                        AH12668   £6.50(inc nut)                  AH12607  £5.25


  1409 Chassis.Mounting Bolt £14  1308   Chass. Mounting Bolt £14    1034 MG M Type special £14


                2015  1/2" Nut   £1.05                   1820  Castle Nut   £2.50                                        AH12605  £2.00

AHE1164 Correct 'silentbloc' bushes £10.95